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    I have taken my dogs(past and present) there since 1998. They have been cared for from puppyhood through senior life. Chickasaw offers top of the line services from x-rays to surgical procedures and hospitalizations for acute illnesses and injuries.
    All of which I have had to use a time or two. Many of the staff have been there for years and treat you like family when you walk in, a true comfort for those difficult times.

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    As many people have told me in the past, and I will pass along to you is, ” I’m dumb… but I’m not stupid”. Well if you do not take your animal here your both dumb and stupid. My cat was diagnosed with diabetes and Dr. Scholl treated my cat as if it was her own.

    My cat had to be held overnight for close observation due to a respiratory infection and to stabilize his diabetes and this animal hospital not only treated his respiratory infection and stabilized his diabetes but called us everyday he was there to let us know how he was progressing in his treatment.

    Dr Scholl even gave us her personal cell phone number when he was released so if we had any questions we could call her personally. I can not say enough about Dr.Scholl and her staff… All I could say is Thank You… Our cat is like our child and Dr. Scholl and her staff treated him like he was the president of the United States.

    If you love your animal like us take them here if you need a great animal hospital that really cares….